Quiet Hiring: Transition employees from jobs that suck to ones they love

Quiet Hiring is a trend where companies prioritize business functions by temporarily mixing up the roles of current employees to gain new skills or address specific needs, avoiding lengthy interview processes and saving time and costs. However, the concept has been criticized for glamorizing the notion of being quiet about important issues, such as low employee engagement, which has been a long-standing problem for businesses. To make quiet hiring beneficial for both employers and employees, it's important to use it in a way that aligns with employees' interests and values. If you truly want to reduce employee disengagement, it means you need to focus on employee engagement.

Hybrid Work Part 3: Strategic Considerations

The The Hybrid Work Series covers research, strategies, and considerations for implementing a hybrid work approach that is fit-for-purpose for any organization. The series acknowledges that hybrid work is here to stay and recommends taking a collaborative and strategic discovery-driven approach to making policy, selecting tools, and governing hybrid work. The series also emphasizes the need for people to collaborate and co-create, drawing on collective intelligence to solve wicked problems. The series concludes by offering strategic considerations for getting hybrid work right for any organization, focusing on acknowledging hybrid work as a long-term replacement for business as we know it, the need for people to collaborate, and to take a people-first approach.

FAQs for Businesses considering The Hive

The Hive Professional Network (The Hive) provides businesses with a platform that connects their employees with coaches for personal and professional development. Here are some frequently asked questions to help businesses understand how our marketplace works and how it can benefit their employees.

Coach FAQs

What is the Mission of The Hive Professional Network? We provide people and organizations with the insights, coaching, and mentoring they need to become who they are meant to be so they can grow and evolve to realize their true potential in work and in life. We do this by helping them connect and engage... Continue Reading →

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