“Unleashing Your Resilience through Self-Reflection and Mental Toughness with Tony Fahkry”

Explore the power of resilience, mental toughness, self-reflection and self-empowerment with Tony Fahkry, author, keynote speaker, and coach from Melbourne, Australia. Learn how to improve your mental, emotional, physical well-being with Tony's The Power to Navigate Life program and his three books: The Power to Navigate Life, Reconstructing the Past to Create a Remarkable Future, and Awaken Your Authentic Self. Find out how to increase your confidence, develop problem-solving skills, improve communication, and increase resilience and mental toughness by expanding your comfort zone and handling negative emotions. Gain insight into the post-pandemic world of uncertainty, ambiguity, and fear and explore the power of writing to make a difference in the world. Understand how to create successful team dynamics by having a common goal, good hiring practices, and strong leadership.

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